What Is Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum That Implemented At Global Sevilla?

By | Desember 20, 2020

Cambridge’s curriculum is very vast and expansive, which means it can be adjusted with the students’ and teachers’ needs. In the case of upper secondary students, you will find the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. What is this, and how Global Sevilla Cambridge School Jakarta integrate it? Here are some of the information for you.


What Is IGCSE Curriculum

­­Starting with the curriculum itself. What kind of curriculum is IGCSE? It is safe to say that the IGCSE curriculum is another branch of Cambridge that focuses on a wider range of abilities. This particular curriculum is chosen due to the flexibility of its subject and materials, including for the students or school with English as their second or third language.

The curriculum help school to build lesson planning around the specific needs of the learners or the school itself. It has a very vast subject circle that includes almost 30 languages. The curriculum can be used for the cross-curricular perspective with around 70 subjects available. It helps Global Sevilla to bring inside the local material for the study.


The Integration At Global Sevilla

In this Cambridge School Jakarta, students between the ages of 14 to 16 or those in grade 9 -10 will have to study using IGCSE. The curriculum has unique characteristics that are seen from its grading and evaluating technique. The student will do a daily performance, work, class participation, project, presentation, to homework as the assessment.

But the main idea is not about the academic result. The Global Sevilla believe in both learning result and character as important. That is why the activities will highly relate to developing intellectual inquiry, cultural awareness, flexibility, and responsiveness to change, and many more. The idea is to hone positive characteristics and smart students.


The Benefit of IGCSE

As said before that the school worldwide has been involved in the development of IGCSE. Thus the syllabus is available for international. However, each of the ideas will retain a local relevance. Not only have that, but the Cambridge School Jakarta can use this international qualification for a better result. In this case, the more subjects to choose from, the more ways to learn and succeed.

With different levels and abilities, the IGCSE curriculum is given for the middle-upper secondary students. At the ages of 14 to 16 years old, the curriculum will lead the students to learn using project and research-based learning. It will make the students learn and develop problem-solving, inquiry, and creative thinking with high order thinking skills.

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